Sunday, December 13, 2009

Thinking outside the railing

Look what Tom brought home from Bed, Bath & Beyond today!  All this time we’ve been talking about installing a wrought iron railing on the steps where I slipped and broke my ankle almost a year ago, but all the iron railings we liked were too expensive and Tom just couldn’t bear the thought of nailing in a few old two-by-fours as I’d suggested (only half-kidding).

I never even knew these things existed!  Did you?


(Yes, that is, in fact, ice on the waterfall… and a non-slip, non-color-coordinated rug on the bridge!)


They’re heavy-duty rubber mats made to look like wrought iron! 


Finally, finally, I feel like I can relax a little when I go down these steps now.  Thanks, m’dear! 

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vailian said...

They look lovely.. but I am not convinced they will help if covered with snow!
Tell Tom it is time he learned how to weld, he would love it! (Not to mention being able to buy a whole new set of TOOLS!!!)

Anon said...

That improves the slick surface of wet slate, but you still need something to hold onto. It's unsafe. You might want to consider going back to the designer/contractor, because that many stairs without a railing can't be up to building code.

Margaret said...

They are beautiful! They do look like iron.

Goofball said...

Tom's a sweetie! Glad to know you can step down more reassured now. They do look very cool.

A railing would still additionally help though in case of severe ice or snow? why not a wooden one?

jennifer said...

I'm afraid I have to pile on with the other commenters - please do figure out how to put a railing up. Even if the steps aren't icy, there's the possibility that something may cause people to lose their balance, and a railing gives a "last minute safety grab." For you AND for visitors to the house... the iron railings may be expensive but not as expensive as a liability claim from the UPS guy coming back down the stairs after delivering something?

Anon said...

It's not really a matter of expense, but rather of priorities. You have enough money for new furniture or fancy materials for a shed (the shed hardware alone could have probably bought 3 railings), but not enough money for safety railings? Somebody needs to reprioritize.

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