Friday, December 04, 2009

Praise for Poach Pods

I rarely do product reviews.  I only take the time to write about products here if I really love something or really hate something.

Today I can’t help but share my latest product discovery with you.  These…

poach pod

… are called Poach Pods.*  I think I’d like these little guys no matter what their purpose because I think they’re just plain cute and cartoony-looking. 

But they actually have a purpose.


After spraying the inside of the pods with a touch of Pam, I cracked an egg into each pod…


…and placed the pods into a pot of boiling water, allowing them to float and cook, cook and float, happily, almost cartoonily (I declare “cartoonily” a word!) as the boiling water gently embrace and cook the little chickadees (oh, bad… let’s not go there)…


Then I lifted the pods containing the perfectly cooked eggs (Tom, lover of – yuk – hard-boiled eggs would disagree) out of the pot…


…and enjoyed my breakfast.  YUM!


I got my Poach Pods in a random kitchen store at our local mall, paying $9.99 for a set of two.  These things would make a great stocking stuffer, don’tcha think? 

(*No one paid me or otherwise rewarded or compensated me for saying nice things about this product.)

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Margaret said...

I'm with Tom. I love the poach pods, but prefer my eggs in omelettes, scrambled or hard boiled. I don't like any slime on my egg.

AstroYoga said...

I just got them for my husband!

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