Sunday, August 16, 2009

My new toy

After weeks of drooling over Peter’s new iPod Touch and then enduring the agony of watching Kat buy one too, I knew that in order to protect my reputation as Geek Queen of the family, I had no choice to go out and get an iPod Touch of my own.

So today I did exactly that!


Yes, I am, in fact, in love. It was love at first sight and it promises to be a torrid love affair!

I immediately downloaded my e-mail, my contacts, my calendar, my music, and a bunch of apps – including, of course, Facebook.

I also downloaded Urban Spoon so we can easily find local restaurants that serve exactly the type of food we’re craving…


… and I downloaded Bump (invented by Elisabeth’s friend!), which allows me to just bump my iTouch to someone else’s in order to to “beam” a contact to them…


…and Convertbot, which converts just about any unit to any other unit.


But my favorite app (so far, anyway) is iGlow Stick, which turns my iTouch into a glowstick, but only after I “break” the stick and shake my iTouch! It’s incredibly inventive (and useful, too)!


You’ll surely be hearing more from me about my beloved iTouch! But maybe I need to hear more from YOU! What apps do YOU recommend?

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Anonymous said...

Your kids have all the newest toys and tattoos and have tons of money to party and dine out all the time, but have the nerve to come to you for college tuition and to fix their overdrawn bank accounts? That wouldn't be happening in my family.

Margaret said...

Back off anonymous--you need to leave a name to go along with your venom; stand behind your words! Carol, we got a "free" itouch with Alison's macbook for college, and through some juggling, our older daughter ended up with it(Alison wanted Ashley's shuffle, and I ended up with Alison's old nano). Ashley took it to Africa where it picked up internet and everything. It's an amazing gadget; I wouldn't mind having one myself!!

Carol said...

I don't mind snarky comments, but I DO mind posters hiding snarky comments behind the veil of anonymity. So I agree with Margaret: let's have a dialogue (because you do bring up some valid points)... but I won't dialog with "Anonymous."

As far as Peter's and Kat's iTouchs... same story with us as Margaret! Peter's laptop died a nasty death two weeks ago and he bought a new Mac iBook Pro just in time for Fall quarter... two weeks after he'd bought an iTouch with his hard-earned money. Kat bought the "free" iTouch from Peter at a slight discount, and the rebate from Apple went into Peter's college account.



jennifer said...

Carol you don't have to justify your spending to anyone, least of all some troll commenter.

I was thinking that I'd love it if my whole family had iPhones so we could all get in on a family plan and share the monthly cost. I adore my iPhone but the monthly data plan is pricey. Boo.

I need to check out the GlowStick app. Also I ditched Urbanspoon in favor of "Around Me" because there weren't really many entries for Bellingham in the Urbanspoon database. I also am embarrassed to say that I use "CheckPlease" (tip calculator) at restaurants now, instead of figuring it out myself. That way I can make sure I leave the appropriate percentage, instead of calculating (and sometimes making a mistake, oops!)

Sam said...

If you are looking for a COMPLETE time waster try Doodle jump!!! I love it and keep annoying myself with it!! ha ha!!

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