Monday, August 03, 2009


So my dream went something like this:

I’m at a check-out stand with some god-awful looking parka right out of the early 70’s. For some reason I’m buying the horrendous looking thing.

One of the arms has been turned inside out as if someone had taken it off hastily and not turned the sleeve right-side-out again.

The cashier says to me in a decidedly accusational tone, “Was there a sock in here?”

(Be my guest -- psycho-analyze away!)

“Yes,” I answer him matter-of-factly.

“Where is it NOW?” he demands. I tell him that the sock fell out of the jacket in the dressing room and I left it on the floor.

(Be my guest -- psycho-analyze away!)

The cashier calls a huge and very scary-looking police-type guy over and the massive lunk pulls me into a corner and demands to see my socks.

I lift up my pant legs by a few inches and I’m shocked to see that I’m wearing two different socks – one is bright red with holly on it, obviously a holiday sock and the other is multi-colored stripes with individual toes, like the socks that were all the range when I was in high school.

(Be my guest -- psycho-analyze away!)

I can’t explain myself. I’m speechless – and in deep trouble.

I tell the cop that I don’t know where the socks on my feet came from and that I’m innocent (of what?!), but my words come out weak and mumbly.

I try again to declare my innocence but I can hardly get the words out. They’re stilted and shaky and demure – not the way I want them to sound.

(Be my guest -- psycho-analyze away!)

The cop is trying his best not to giggle… which pisses me off so much that I take one big breath and YELL, with every single word clear, concise and very loud, “I HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW WHY I’M BEING ARRESTED!"

At that point, Tom grabs my shoulder, telling me to wake up, and as I wake up I realize that I had been YELLING loud enough to wake up everyone in the house – which, as you recall, included my aunt Ulli and her husband Michael, who were sleeping directly across the hallway from our bedroom.

How embarrassing!

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Margaret said...

It must be the fault of all the coverage of the Gates arrest. I rarely remember my dreams in such detail. Disappointing.

Carol said...

Too funny -- I really haven't been keeping up with that story!


Tonya said...

Bwa-ha-ha-ha, I have a sneaking hunch what your company might have been thinking when they heard your yelling!

As far as the psychoanalysis part of it, interesting about the holiday sock (winter/ice) and that your feet were involved (breaking your ankle in the ice — was it the holiday sock on the ankle that broke?) and feeling meek and soft-spoken, which I assume you are not, but your accident humbled you, and you're sick to death of it all after all these months and NEEDED TO YELL AT SOMEBODY.

How's that?

AstroYoga said...

Sounds like you have been paying too much attention to the Gates coverage and the Iranian uprising.

I like he analysis of needing to yell at someone about the broken ankle. I had some release on that aspect of things when I broke my ankle because the guy driving the car that hit me was crying on his knees at my feet afterward. I couldn't give him the attention he deserved, unfortunately, because I was distracted by shock myself. However, even though I went through a lot, I think he suffered more. That somehow made it easier for me to feel powerful in the experience. That, and I could still put my hair in a pony tail using my feet!!! (good to be flexible)

Goofball said...

my dreams that I do remember are usually extremely absurd too. I don't try to analyse at all.

funny dream too :) Crazily absurd.

what's the gates arrest anyway? I guess we have no coverage on it.

Lorrene said...

Well my goodness !! All I can say is "YES YOU HAD A RIGHT TO KNOW WHY YOU WERE ARRESTED"

Maria said...

I'm a bad friend. I laughed REALLY hard.

Craig said...

You need to check out, which was referenced in an excellent presentation on marketing and software by the software visionary Seth Godin. His reference to the socks is at about 27 mins. into the hour long presentation.

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