Sunday, August 02, 2009

Yet another day in Seattle

I love playing tour guide to out of town guests and I never get tired of showing off our beautiful Emerald City.  But YOU probably get tired of seeing the same ol’ photos every time we head to Seattle.  So today I attempted to approach the city with a new photographic perspective and take some photos that you haven’t seen before.  I had some success but fell victim to my old ways a few times as well.

First, my “failures”:

Oh look!  It’s the Space Needle!


And the same shot I’ve taken, without fail, every single time I stand in that spot.



Oh my god!  Watch out!  A flying saucer.

(Why do I even DO this?)


An eraser?  Yes, an eraser.  Just like the last time we were at the Olympic Sculpture Gardens.


Gee, how creative.  Uh huh.  (I think I need photography lessons.)


But I was able to shoot some new perspectives as well.

EMP (Experience Music Project) has walls that look like a microphone.


And ceilings that look like a meteor-riddled space station on Mars.


EMP (which has no straight lines, in case you haven’t noticed) from the Monorail platform.


A dumpster at Pike Place market.


Old and new.  (OK, I agree – not all that creative…)


The wall at the Olympic Sculpture Gardens museum.


A metal tree.  Really!


Orange (Kat) and orange (Art).


Kids at Golden Gardens at sunset.


I love this little boy and I don’t even know him.


It was a hot day (89 degrees, not 103 like last week) so we drank a lot of water.  Which meant that I saw a lot of bathroom floors.

At Pike Place Market:


At Spaghetti Factory, where we had an early dinner:


And at sandy Golden Gardens beach:


(TMI perhaps, but ya gotta admit – kinda interesting, eh?)

And of course we had to have a few pictures of people!

Elisabeth and Ulli:


Michael and Ulli and a salmon-on-planks barbeque at Golden Gardens:


Kat and Tom listening to the fountain.  No really – the water was synchronized with some great classical music.  Mesmerizing!




Father and daughter:


It was a wonderful day but we’re all thoroughly exhausted!  Unfortunately tomorrow is a work day for me and Ulli and Michael will be heading south to spend a few days on the Oregon Coast and then to visit my dad in Ashland, Oregon.

Speaking of… have you given more thought to buying his house

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Margaret said...

I need to develop an eye for photos--yours is great. I love the old/new and the bathroom floors. I enjoy any photos of beaches,especially at sunset. It sounds like a wonderful day.

Goofball said...

haha bathroomfloors are interesting! And I regret not having visited the Olympic sculpture garden when I was in Seattle. I did see the other spots though :)

oh mmmm that salmon! mmmmm

Maria said...

So, I look at the dumpster and think-- AAACCCKKK! That should be COMPOSTED! Seriously. That is what I see. Not ew, garbage, but compost.

Also, I have thought about your dad's house, but I have no job up and over there so I could afford it. C'est la vie. :-/

Fun post, btw. :)

Anonymous said...

I especially love the photo of the little boy in the hat. Makes me think of a painting. I think you did a great job!

Tonya said...

Woops! That previous "anonymous" was me!

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