Friday, August 21, 2009

And the winner is…

Ocean Shores, Washington. 

ocean shoresA

Why?  Because it’s the only place where we could find a place to stay at this late notice! 

I swear, the entire coastline of Washington and Oregon, as well as local mountain lake resorts, are booked solid!

We managed to find an ocean front condo (well, dune-front… that should be fun for my ankle!) that will serve as our home base.  This is the photo of our unit that I found on the internet:


And this is apparently what’s right outside our door:


My ankle hurts just looking at those dunes!

The plan is to take a side trip northward up the Washington coast and to the Olympic Rain forest tomorrow… rain forest

… and southward, toward the Oregon coast on Sunday.


I am planning on some MAJOR rejuvenation!

As soon as I finish a few status reports, participate in a conference call, and wrap up loose ends at work, we are outta here!  I’m not sure if we’ll have Internet access, but if we do, you know I’ll post daily.  If we don’t, you know I’ll post on Sunday evening.

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Margaret said...

Galway Bay Irish pub and gift store. It had live music when we were there and we really enjoyed it! Also the Quinault is nearby if you like to gamble.:)

Renate said...

There is excellent beach access by car in Ocean Shores.

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