Monday, August 10, 2009

Return to Sender!

AARP Now this is hilarious! 

I have no idea who they’re looking for but it can’t possibly be me!  They’re YEARS early!  Years and years and years! 


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Margaret said...

I got mine at 50 as well as an order for a colonoscopy. Boo!!

loren2h said...

I hear you get great discounts

Anonymous said...

Actually, they're late. AARP sends invitations to most people to join at age 50. Join up. It's not the end of the world. Their car insurance is a good deal.

Tonya said...

They send these to us at about age 50, but most of the "benefits" aren't valid until you're at least 55.

kayak woman said...

surfed here from Tonya and Margaret. I throw those AARP things straight into the recycle bin. :-)

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