Saturday, August 22, 2009

Y’ocean Shores

Yo from Ocean Shores, Washington!  We arrived just as the sun was setting so I threw down my bags and grabbed Kat’s camera, hoping it would point-n-shoot as well as it composes. 


Obviously I’m doing something wrong, but nonetheless, can you tell what an amazing view we have?!


That’s the view from our balcony!

Because we nabbed what I figured was the last accommodation in Ocean Shores for the weekend, I expected the place to bit a bit of a dive – especially at only $115 a night, which is significantly less than most hotel rooms here.

But we are very pleasantly pleased with this condo!  It’s clean, nicely decorated, and it has a great living room with a fireplace and an unobstructed view of the dunes and the ocean. 


(The sound track is ocean waves; we will definitely sleep well tonight!)

It has a full kitchen…


And a cute little eating “nook” in the hallway!


Add a bedroom and a full bath (with a yummy bathtub), and it’s definitely much more condo than hotel… thank goodness!

Tomorrow morning I’ll get up early (most likely before Tom), make some coffee and head down to the beach to take some pictures – if I can figure out Kat’s Nikon D-40!  I think the safest thing will be just to keep it on “auto” for most of the photos and do some experimenting as well, once I feel more comfortable.

Yup, a weekend getaway is most certainly what I needed!  I can feel the stress melt away already…

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Margaret said...

That place does look very nice and spacious! I leave our D-80 on the auto setting all the time; I have no clue how to use the manual. Hope you have a lovely time with good weather and lots of beach walking.

Goofball said...

that is indeed a place to remember for another get-away

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