Saturday, August 15, 2009

In which Käthe Kruse gets a package in the mail

Käthe awoke from a deep slumber this afternoon when a package arrived with her name on it.

No really, it’s true!


The package was from my aunt Ulli who recently visited us, and who has a Käthe Kruse doll herself that she was given for Christmas when she was a little girl of six, in Chemnitz, Germany.

Käthe was beside herself with excitement and proceeded to rip into the package.


“Slow down there, young lady!” I suggested. “Your present isn’t going anywhere!” But there was no stopping her. Käthe knew that any package from Ulli would surely contain…


…yes! A quilt! Käthe’s very own quilt, handmade by Aunt Ulli! Before we knew it, Käthe had wrapped herself in the beautiful quilt made just for her.


“Can you see me now?”


“Hey, there’s something written on this inside! Can you please read this to me?” (Such good German manners.)


“It’s made just for ME!” Käthe exclaimed excitedly. “Thank you, Ulli!” She repeated it over and over again.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

And then, Käthe spent the afternoon playing with her beautiful new quilt.

Of course the first thing she did was make a fort. (Kid plus blanket always equals fort!)IMG_4262

And then there was some Hide-and-Seek…



And some hanging out with friends…



And then Käthe insisted on introducing her new Ulli quilt to our Ulli quilt. It was a touching moment of deep quiltness.


Quilt love permeated the household all afternoon…IMG_4244

…until Käthe got sleepy and asked, “If I sit with my new quilt at the piano, will someone play me a lullaby?”



And before we knew it, Käthe was wrapped cozily in her beautiful new Ulli quilt…


…and fell fast asleep. And if no one’s woken her…


…that’s where she is still, sleeping soundly after the most exciting day she’s had in a very long time.

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Tonya said...

So very very cool. (And beautiful!) Also? A wee bit creepy...

Unknown said...

Ulli is going to love this! It looks like you had a lot of fun creating Kathe's adventures with her new quilt. Do you remember the Edith books with Mr. Bear and Little Bear? This sent me to my bookshelf to get my childhood book and the new one I bought to read to the kids! Similar format as your story, but I like the touch with Bailey and Shasta! Very creative! I'll send you a pict. of one of the pages if you don't know about the Edith books! Love, your Cuz

Goofball said...


Entropy's Bitch said...

Heehee! So very cute.

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