Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Training day #1 for the Seattle Danskin mini-triathlon 2010

About two days before I broke my ankle last January, my sister-in-law Marcy called from Idaho and asked if I was interested in joining her in August for the Seattle Danskin mini-triathlon. It’d be an attainable goal, she promised, since it was only a half-mile swim, a 12-mile bike ride (all flat!), and a 3-mile run (or walk). I told her I’d definitely think about it, knowing that it’d be a great goal and something I really should do to finally get off my butt and move.

Then I broke my ankle and couldn’t walk again until March. I’m still limping, but I am, indeed, walking (relatively) long distances! (Kat made me walk a mile with her yesterday and, I admit, it felt great… everywhere but my ankle.)

Marcy continued to train for the mini-triathlon and on Sunday she came to Seattle from Idaho to “compete” – which is probably the wrong word because the emphasis is much more on fun and estro-friendship than on competition.

This is the first sight I had of Marcy in over a year:


I realized how much I’d missed her the minute I saw her!

While we waited for Marcy to come around the corner toward the finish line, we also saw these people (and, er, non-people!):

IMG_4323 IMG_4296 IMG_4303 IMG_4306 IMG_4308 IMG_4309 IMG_4311 IMG_4313 IMG_4316 IMG_4320

Truly inspiring stuff!

We decided that next year, we’ll make this a mother/daughter event. Marcy and her daughter Tina, along with some of their mother/daughter friends, will join Elisabeth, Kat, and me.

Anyone want to join us? (Daughter not required…) I will need big-time support to get off my butt and spend 30 minutes a day swimming (easy – love it), biking (not hard – like it) or running/walking (next-to-impossible – hate it!). We could train in our own neighborhoods most of the time and then meet, maybe monthly, for a group swim and/or bike and/or run… and some shopping, or spa-ing, or eating!

Anyone? Anyone? Lynn? Tonya? Margaret? Susan? Anyone??

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Margaret said...

I don't swim well, but I would be in for a 10k walk (or shorter) if you see one that interests you. Think about how much time we would have to talk and solve all the problems of the world! :)

Susan said...

I'm interested...although I'm not sure if I'll be able to do my Mean Dogpaddle for a mile. I could learn to swim for a mile in a year...couldn't I???

jennifer said...

I'm in! I did triathlons nearly every week when I was in my twenties. Haven't done one for over 20 years now, though, would love the excuse to train for another one. (And like you, swimming is my forte, and I *HATE HATE HATE* running! My running shoes now are the same ones I used 20 years ago, I guess I can buy a new pair for Christmas this year.)

Rositta said...

That would be too strenuous for me and I also don't swim. I'm not walking very well yet since my foot surgery but have hopes of getting better soon. I still have a mountain to climb...ciao

Goofball said...

I'll join you mentally ;)

Lilly said...

I'll consider doing that next year. I live in the bay area and would just run and swim and bike here. But I'll keep the Danskin triathlon in mind and if my family is back from our annual August trip in time, I just might fly up to Seattle and join the race!

Unknown said...

WooHoooo!! Sign this 42 y/old (almost 43) 20 lbs over weight chickee up! I met two great women last week who ran the race Sunday, and I've been addicted to learning more about the triathlon since. I came across a "so you wanna run, swim and bike and havent done it in years" article and started my own little routine on Monday. I would LOVE to be part of this group.
Best regards to all!!!

Anonymous said...

When is this triathlon? I'm thinking about doing one for my senior project & need to find one close to home & sometime in the spring..do you have any info that will help?

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