Monday, August 24, 2009

Announcements! Announcements! AnooooounceMENTS!

(What movie is that from?)













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Margaret said...

Sounds good--and cheaper!! :)

Anonymous said...

It's a big step- congrats to them! :)


Anonymous said...

I expected an engagement announcement. I've never seen parents announce the shacking-up arrangements of their grown children. I guess I'm old-fashioned.

Carol said...

Tom and I lived together before we got married and I honestly think the decision to do THAT was bigger than the decision to get married... probably because I knew that unless something went terribly wrong the decision to "shack up" WAS essentially a decision to get married. So I admit that I received their news with that perspective... and I AM excited for them -- and so glad they're living together before making any bigger decision! :-)

I feel like I should get them a housewarming present or something - even though Elisabeth has lived in her place, which they'll now be sharing, for three years!


Anonymous said...

I checked back because I figured someone who wouldn't reveal their name would disapprove. LOL

I feel the same way you do, Carol. I hope my children live with someone before they marry. It worked for us- and pretty much every one of my friends. :)


Goofball said...

hahaha "shacking-up"'s written as if a very dirty word.

but it's great news and I think an essential step before getting married. Congratulations to the young couple!

Tonya said...

What a beautiful couple! And "shaking up?" Bwa-ha-ha-ha! Yes, John and I did, too, for over 2 years. And my 74-year-old FATHER is currently shacking up! Marriage is a huge decision, so it really does need to be tested. Hooray for them!

Tonya said...

Er, I meant "shacking up"....

Margaret said...

Much more stable relationships occur in cultures that "shack up" than those where people get married too quickly, too young and too often. And Anon. no one says "shack up" any more! :)

Home's Jewels said...

FTR, Shacking up is commonly heard on Dr. Laura radio show. I'm not a fan of "shacking up", but don't need to post anonymously. Carol has known me online for years and probably knows that anyway. I think what is really lacking in our society is the commitment in relationships - in good times AND bad times. I've gone through difficult periods of my life and am thankful that my husband stuck with me through those times.

I hope the best for Elizabeth and her boyfriend. He's cute and those curls - wow!!!

Carol said...

HomeJewel and I have known each other online since the late 90's when we both posted (sometimes very argumentatively!) on an AOL "childbirth options" message board. Although we've disagreed on many topics over the years, we are more similar than we are different (because we are both devoted moms and we both care about families), and I have come to hugely admire and respect JulieAnne and her opinion is important to me.

Thanks for your NON-anonymous comment, HomeJewel!


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