Thursday, August 20, 2009

We need a weekend away. Help us decide where to go!

It’s been an insane week.  No, actually, it’s been an insane month.

Make that six months. 

A year.

Hell, it’s been an insane 18 months!

Unfortunately, when I injured my foot in January I was forced to use up all my vacation and sick time and once those were used up I was put on an hourly schedule for about 6 weeks (with very little work), so my vacation accrual rate slowed waaay down.  Long story short, I not only have no vacation time, I’m somehow in the hole by about 70 hours!

That said, I absolutely NEED to get away.  I need to not work, to totally relax, to read a little and write a little (and maybe even shake this on-going case of writer’s block), and to spend some time with my (incredibly patient and supportive) husband who somehow puts up with me working literally morning, noon, and night.

A very intense project wrapped up today and I expect that more insanity is on the way, so there’s a window of exactly… well – two full days (Saturday and Sunday) for us to blow this joint and get away.

Can you help us think of a place to go? 

Here are the requirements:

It must be within 4 or so hours of Seattle by car.


It must be romantic.

romance novel

There must be water.

romantic lake

There must be trees.


There must be fun activities.


It can’t be too expensive.

money heart1

There must be serenity.


If Tom had his way, he’d probably prefer to go here:


But he knows that I’m looking for something more like this:

Lake Crescent 1

Is there any hope of a happy compromise?  (Fortunately, he’s happy to go along with whatever I want on this one.)

Ideas?  Links?  Suggestions?

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linnea said...

How 'bout Whidbey Island (B&B in Langley maybe) or Port Townsend? Have fun, wherever you go. Love your posts.

Julia said...

Victoria! Take the clipper! Go to high tea! Tour the gardens! Eat at the lovely Irish pub on the main street! Go on the little harbor boat ride and go to the museum! Sleep late, eat well, enjoy a favorable exchange rate.

Carol said...

Oh, Whidbey Island IS a good idea! Any lodging suggestions? Julia, I love the idea of Victoria, but looked into Clipper packages... expensive. Also, did that a few years ago. It WAS wonderful!


Margaret said...

The peninsula is great--beautiful and peaceful too. Whatever you do, hope it's wonderful.

Craig said...

Have you visited the Lake Quinault Lodge?

Goofball said...

hmm I wanted to comment Victoria, but you've already ruled that out?

euh....Vancouver? and the islands/mountains around?

loren2h said...

Rosario resort on Orcas? We got some sort of weekday package, included overnight, a really nice picnic basket lunch and the pool there is very cool.

vailian said...

Definitely Victoria. I will set you up with my friends there and the ride itself is great. I know the Clipper is not as cheap as riding a bike, but on the other hand you don't have to spend the time in the car, and hell you deserve a real holiday.

Anonymous said...

What about Couer d'Alene Lake in Idaho? The Couer d'Alene Resort might have some good specials. beautiful lake, quaint town and great desserts at Dockside (one of the hotels restaurants). It may be over the four hour mark though. I haven't driven it to Seattle in a long time.

Renate said...

Belknap Hot Springs in Oregon. Unfortunately, it's about a five hour drive, but well worth it. I would recommend staying in the lodge. The hot pool is the most relaxing thing ever!

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