Monday, September 08, 2008

A Year Ago Today

I woke up this morning feeling out of sorts. Just a little lost, as if there's a train I should be catching, but it's passed me by. Or as if there's a party going on next door and I'm not invited.

It's another Monday morning and I'm headed to work, just like every other Monday morning. There are battlecards to produce, PowerPoint decks to review, and whitepapers to edit. Nothing new, and no reason to elicit melancholy. So what is it?

As I looked at the date on my Outlook calendar as I was setting up a meeting this morning, I realized exactly what it is: a year ago today we were getting on a plane, headed for a month in Germany.

How I'd love to be heading right back there this morning -- back to Munchen and Ruhpolding, to Salzberg and Ramsau and Mittenwald. Back to see our exchange daughter, Laura and her family, and my aunt Leni, and Thomas and Petra, and of course, all my German expat blogging friends! But for now, all I can do is review my posts from last September and play my slideshow again.

Huge sigh!

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J said...

Interestingly enough, the annual Meet-Up is the weekend of the mini-Meet-Up of last year. There's still time for you to book a flight to Bremen :)

Carol said...

Oh J, you're such a tease! I would LOVE to be there with y'all! HUGE HUGS to everyone from me!

Carol (:::checking flights:::)

Kim said...

I've spent some pleasant moments this evening catching up on your posts. I checked in because I learned of a giant ladybug painted on the street at an intersection in Wallingford. It's black bumps help slow traffic. I'm thinking of trying to photograph it this week, and if the results are passable, I will post it to my photoblog and draw attention to your link in the text.
Thanks for mentioning your intention to walk your neighborhood to chat up Obama's candidacy. Since the Rove wing of the GOP has stepped up to the plate with their usual bag of spin and dirty tricks, I'm feeling very discouraged. Rove should have been indited in the Plame case, and instead he's masterminding another far right campaign power play. Each of us using our influence, energy, and time to be effective in raising grassroots support for the dems just has to happen. I wish we could pull some media rabbit out of the hat that would magically make Rove's play book ineffective! Keep blogging, and thanks for the shot in the arm,

Kim said...

Oh, and I heard a travel commenter on a news program this morning talking about the jump in airfares. He advised people to use up their frequent flyer miles on trips to Europe this fall because, unlike domestic flights which will decrease in number due to cancellations fairly soon, international flights will not be culled. Frequent flyer programs may be drastically altered and people loose their miles after the end of the year. I wish Germany were in the cards for you.

Goofball said...

your nostalgic mood makes me homesick for BC....shall we switch places?

Jen said...

And makes me homesick for my Japanese daughter who visited us and just left yesterday. Sigh.

It's wonderful to have those memories, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Did you ever figure out who sent the tea cup?

Carol said...

No -- I never did! I don't even know where to begin my sleuthing... if I were to go that route... whcih I won't because obviously my mysterious friend prefers to remain anonymous. I wish s/he didn't, because I'd love to say a real, personal THANK YOU! Ruhpolding teacup sender, won't you please reveal yourself?



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