Saturday, September 06, 2008

This is what Sarah Palin MOCKED.

A lesson for Sarah in community organizing:

The holier-than-thou attitude coming from Palin and that entire Republican National Convention (Gulliani! Could you believe how mean-spirited and divisive HE was?!) just sickened me.

We have to get it right this November. So much is at stake!

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Jen said...

Great clip, Carol.

Anonymous said...

Eh, she didn't mock "community organizers"; the speechwriters were poking fun at the vagueness of the title.

Would you consider the post you wrote on the "Palin Faked Her Pregnancy" rumor an example of kindhearted behavior?

Carol said...

Actually, I'd still like an explanation about the whole flights (Dallas/Seattle/Achorage/Wasilla) debacle. And I'd like to see a photo of her pregnant in early April.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Palin did mock Community Organizers. She said it was just like being a small-town mayor, except small-town mayors have "ACTUAL RESPONSIBILITIES".

And I'd like to see proof of Palin's pregnancy also and hear why she traveled 8 hours in pre-labor with a down syndrome fetus. Reckless! She risked that baby's life...and frankly, wouldn't that have been similar to abortion if she had delivered on a plane without medical attention and if her baby had had heart defects, as over 50% of DS babies have?

Since Palin is so eager to legislate other people's uterine contents and bedroom activities, she shouldn't be surprised about the curiousity over hers.

Anonymous said...

I really really like the 2nd anonymous' comment because it speaks the truth square on. The first one? Honestly doesn't get it.

Anonymous said...

"Actually, I'd still like an explanation about the whole flights (Dallas/Seattle/Achorage/Wasilla) debacle. And I'd like to see a photo of her pregnant in early April."

You would, seriously? That surprises me.

Carol said...

Why does it surprise you?


Margaret said...

I'd like to see a photo also and hear some explanation. After all, this story seems easy to disprove; instead it has conveniently been buried by the NEWS of Sarah Palin's daughter's pregnancy. Let's see--what did that Republican pundit say about teenage pregnancies, it's completely the fault of the parents? Shame! What happened to that point of view or does it only work when the parents aren't conservative?

Goofball said...


I love your caring about your country. It's important to care about politics because they determine your life and country. Elections are a right to be taken seriously.

I love your support for your candidate Obama. Personally I fear for the world if Mc Cain would become president. I soooooo hope that you and your compatriotes make the correct choice.

but I must say I hate campaigns that focus on trashing their opponents, that concentrate on personal lives of the opponents, on their negativities.

YOur blog all of a sudden turned into a anti-Palin site. Why do you use so much energy (maybe with total legitimate reasons, but I won't judge that) on critising her. It's so negative to read. Why don't you use the same amount of energy to bring a positive message? why don't you convince us why Obama is the right choice rather than Palin the wrong choice?? I think I'd love to read that a lot more than the recent discussions on here!!!!!

Anonymous said...

To Goofball: I think Carol's dead on here. No reason not to criticize something you see as being worthy of criticism. As for negative campaigns, McCain and Palin went down that road long before anyone else did. Unfortunately it's been shown that the reason the Democrats haven't been successful at winning the White House the last few cycles was because they were too slow to go on the offensive. Sad, but true. As Carol says, there's too much at stake here to let the Republican spin machine go unanswered. The new "love affair" with Sarah Palin can't be addressed with only "positive messages" about Obama. Going after her and her bull*$%@ is really the only way to show some people that she's not who she presents herself to be.

Anonymous said...

To first anonymous: Why does Carol have to be kindhearted about Sarah Palin? And of course she mocked "community organizers." But this is typical of the republican spin machine (not that I'm accusing you of being a Republican, LOL). "We didn't mock community organizers, we were just poking fun at the vagueness ..." sounds like a page out of Karl Rove's handbook -- get the soundbite out there and then pretend like you didn't mean what you said.

Anonymous said...

I SO agree w/above anonymous. I think the blindness of the right toward Palin is worthy of taking the gloves off.'s Carol's blog and she can choose to say whatever in the world she wishes.

PEACE said...

Freedom of Speech and if you don't like what you're reading, no one is forcing you to read. Right?

I think you are dead on Carol!

It's all just smoke and mirrors to keep us from looking at and talking about the real the economy which the McCain camp wants more of the same, no matter how many more homes foreclose and families find themselves out in the streets.

Goofball said...

@ anonymous who responded to my comment/ Tonya/ Peace

: of course Carol can blog about what she wants. I don't even contest the arguments she uses or the content of it. Freedom of speech for sure, and nobody should tell anybody what to blog about and what you should not blog about.

If I don't like it anymore, I should stay away. Fine.

But freedom of speech for comments as well and I've been reading Carol's blog for quite a long time now and I am simply surprised that she uses her energy on negative blog posts about the candidates she opposes to whereas I've seen a lot less blog posts about the positive that Obama would bring. It was just a suggestion.

and don't worry I'll stay away from the comments of any next anti-Palin posts, so I don't offend any other anonymous commenter.

Have a great day and a great democratic campaign!

Anonymous said...

Goofball: You certainly didn't offend me. I'm just surprised at your ... naivete. The elections are dead serious and this isn't a game where if we all just Think Happy Thoughts it'll all turn out great! It's quite clear that a large segment of the American population is un-educated and un-willing to look at the issues rather than personalities. So be it. If the republicans want to run on personalities, then theirs are fair game. McCain and Palin both have serious character issues. Nothing wrong with pointing them out.

Anonymous said...

"Why does it surprise you?"

Sorry, it's taken me a couple of days to get back here :)

You just seem like such a positive person in your writing. I'm surprised that you would focus at all on what seems to be minutiae; you're a lovely individual, IMO, and some of the posts lately have seemed uncharacteristically biting.

It's an emotional campaign season though, no doubt. it's got many people on edge, I think. :)

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