Saturday, September 27, 2008

Oh, to Be THIS Organized!

I got on a plane here yesterday...

..and headed to Dad and Lou's new house in Ashland, Oregon to celebrate Dad's 80th birthday with family.

Now you'll see why I decided to make Dad a functional letter sorter!

This is my dad's workshop:

In Dad's life everything -- absolutely everything -- has a place. As a project manager, I aspire to such meticulous organization, but not sure I could ever achieve this!

Before Dad and Lou moved into their new house, Dad determined where all the furniture would go by this method, as presented by my brother.

He made a to-scale paper model of the house, then created to-scale paper furniture and just experimented.

The result is a beautifully decorated house that looks like it was built to accommodate each piece of Dad's and Lou's furniture!

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Margaret said...

Can your dad teach my husband how to organize all his crap? (er stuff) It's my dad's 80th birthday party tomorrow. His actual birthday is Sept. 30th. Hope you're enjoying your trip. Where did you fly to from Seatac? You can't fly into Ashland, can you?

jennifer said...

OMG, I love it. I also did the "paper model of furniture" on top of a graph paper model of my house before we moved here. And I'm more than halfway to organizing my shop like that. I wonder if I got some of your dad's genes and you and are are distant cousins somehow.

Jen said...

This is completely amazing. And a little scary. I consider myself organized when I remember to take out the garbage. ;-)

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