Sunday, September 28, 2008

Once upon a time, a very long time ago...

... (like about 17 years ago), in a far-away land called Oceanside, there lived three adorable babies named Aleks, Kat, and Jake. Once a week, the babies' mothers brought them to a neighborhood playgroup filled with all the babies that had been recently born in the Land of Oceanside -- and there were many of them.

And it was good.

When babies Aleks, Kat and Jake were almost two, baby Jake moved far, gar away to the Land of Barcelona in the far away country of Spain. Babies Aleks and Kat missed baby Jake (one would presume) and Aleks and Kat's mommy and daddy missed Jake's parents, who had become their dear friends. Not long after baby Jake and his family moved away, Aleks and Kat moved to the Pacific Northwest. When baby Jake's family moved back many years later, they moved far away from Jake's twin friends.

As the years passed, Jake's parents and Aleks' and Kat's parents kept in touch, but the babies grew up with nary a memory of their times together.

One day, when all the babies had grown into strong, handsome and independent young adults, Jake's mommy called unto Alek's and Kat's mommy to tell her that Jake had been accepted to attend the institution of higher learning in the Land of Seattle, where Aleks and Kat presently lived. Although Jake and Aleks and Kat were nonplussed, since they had no recollection of their friendship of years passed, their mommies were exuberant, looking forward to the day when their children would meet again.

That day came when Jake's mommy sent textiles and other goods to Aleks' and Kat's mommy's home and she brought said wares to Jake at his new home within the walls of a local fraternal order. Upon receiving the news that the textiles had arrived, the strapping lad who was Jake appeared at the the waiting chariot. No sooner had he come upon the chariot, than a beautiful maiden named Katherine stepped from it.

Sweet Maiden Kat and Strapping Lad Jake looked upon each other for the first time in 17 years on that day -- and the friendship that began as babies so many years before was instantly re-kindled. Aleks' friendship with Jake was also re-kindled, as Aleks swore his allegiance to the same fraternal order that Jake had sworn to earlier in the present month. So once again, many years since they met by chance as babies, Aleks (here with his befriended maiden), Kat, and Jake have met again as young adults and have again become fast friends.

We know not what the future might bring for our lifelong friends, but they enjoy knowing that, because of their parents' friendship, they were companions even before they could walk or talk.

What develops from here is up to them.

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Anonymous said...

Oy! You made me cry! I hope this happens for Christopher.

PS Do you know how I could get a Pumpkin Spice latte here in Germany??

Anonymous said...

Very cute story...but...

The stock market crashed 777 points yesterday because of a failed bailout bill, and you have nothing to say about it? I think you listened to your foreign readers a bit too much, because I KNOW you want to talk about politics and the upcoming election.

jennifer said...

I like the cute stories. We get enough politics and angst everywhere else we look. Hearing Carol's family stories are a breath of fresh air, Thank you.

What was the occasion for Kat and Alecs' date's matching satin blue dresses? Some sort of frat theme party?

Carol said...

Believe it or not, the matching outfits -- both of them -- are just chance! :-)

Claire, have you tried Starbuck's for the Pumpkin Spice latte?

Anonymous --you're right about me being wrapped up in politics. I'm also wrapped up in a very demanding job. My blog is a much-needed break from both!


Anonymous said...

I love the anecdote! Coincidental re-meetings...I don't know, it always makes me think there's something bigger going on. If nothing else, how very fun.

(It's neat to see Kat "moving on" too...I know the break from the high school boyfriend was hard, as these things always are.)

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