Saturday, September 20, 2008

"Where'd Everyone GO?"

Poor Shasta just doesn't understand.
Shasta considers Kat her mommy because, from the second they met at the "puppy farm," there was a connection.
We all show Shasta plenty of affection, but petite little Kat is the only one who regularly holds Shasta -- who is now a good solid 80 pounds! And now Kat's gone most of the time and poor Shasta just doesn't understand.

Elisabeth, who was already in college when we got Shasta, is more the crazy aunt who regularly drops by to spoil Shasta rotten with a trip to the dog park a run around Green Lake. Shasta knows that Elisabeth will allow her on the couch and that, when Elisabeth's home, Shasta doesn't even have to stay on her cable outside.
So Shasta waits. She waits for her sisters and brothers to come home from school... but they just don't show up like they used to, and poor Shasta just doesn't understand.

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Margaret said...

Our cat doesn't seem a bit concerned about Alison leaving for college. Typical cat indifference.

Goofball said...

oh poor dog! Sad that we cannot explain him

Kellan said...

Shasta is so beautiful and so is your daughter!

We have a Golden Retriever named Buddy and he's so attached to me - guess that is goog for both he and I.

Hey Carol - I am posting your "Teen Drinking, Sex, Curfews and Partying," post On The Flipside for tomorrow. Thanks again for offering this great post/topics and being a guest blogger on my site!

Have a good Monday - Kellan

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