Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Elisabeth and Kat have always been close (yet very different)... and apparently Elisabeth is always on the left in photos and Kat is always on the right! Interesting.

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Goofball said...

how funny that Elisabeth is always on the left and Kat on the right!

Anonymous said...

Your oldest daughter looks so much like you, minus the red hari, of course :)

They are both beautiful.

Margaret said...

Gorgeous photos and your older girl does look a lot like you. My younger one resembles me more. It's strange how people feel more comfortable on one side or the other. It can't be coincidence.

PEACE said...

Beautiful daughters you should be so proud and I am sure you are. It's funny I started looking at pictures of my two oldest girls who are only a year a part, they seem to line up on the same sides in pictures to, weird I never noticed!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if it started when your younger daughter was born? You know how there's usually an easiest way to hold your newborn -- you're just more comfortable that way, maybe it's even easier nursing on that side or something? I bet Elisabeth just found her "natural" way to hold her baby sis and just unconsciously reverts to that even now. Great pics!

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