Thursday, September 18, 2008

Noooooo -- I'm Not Ready for This!

No, this isn't another post about empty nest.

It's... THIS:

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Anonymous said...

Leaves are falling all over the's called...fall.

vailian said...

Yesterday was the first day here that it was cold enough to turn on the heating.
Unfortunately, to no effect, because I have hot water in the radiators that comes from a local city heating plant about a mile away, and the city ordinances decree that heating never commences until October the 1st.

Margaret said...

Yes, today was downright COLD. I was freezing in my sandals and cropped pants. I guess our run of high 70s weather may be over.

Anonymous said...

We came back to this from a ten day trip to Sonoma wine country. Yuk!

Goofball said...

aaah me too, not ready, too soon, summer must come back!!

(we think alike:

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've really wanted to stay under my covers these last couple of mornings!

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