Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Make-Up Sleep, Kitty Style

They say never go to bed angry, but Boo and Bailey must have had a cat-spat today because I found them like this:

Boo's a typical guy: he's got way too much pride to just say, "I'm sorry, Bailey. I know you saw the mole first, and I should have let you do that cute little lady-pounce you do, but I just... I just -- god, it's the HUNTER in me, baby! I'm sorry, Bai."

Instead, he tries to sneak in a little debonair maneuver. He tests the waters...

But Bailey's not falling for it. She's been here before. "Oh brother (father/husband... whatever you are), do you think I'm falling for this? Gimme a break."

"Although I must admit... your pawsies are kinda cozy right... there. And, well --damn... I forgive you, Boo. Just next time, let me get the mole. I'm soooo beyond moths! G'night."

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Goofball said...

the pictures with your comments are priceless :p

Jen said...

Way too funny, Carol!

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