Saturday, February 02, 2008

Word from Elisabeth

She says: "hi, im alive. sorrz, cant write right now. ill myspace zou late."

(Two K-words: Köln and Karnival)

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Anonymous said...

myspace and not mzspace?

Carol said...
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Carol said...

Well, yes. Here's what I heard from her just a few hours ago: "Hi, sorry, i'm fine. I'm great! I absolutely LOATH trying to type on German computers though, which is why I'm so terse. Love ya!"

Now see, if she'd just type with two fingers, looking at the keyboard, she'd have no problem!;-)


Princess Cat's Pajamas said...

I hate the Y/Z switch, too... I refuse to try and learn to type on a Swiss keyboard!

Jen said...

Ah... Karneval! The last time we were in Germany it was during that time. GREAT fun!

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