Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Paid Blogging!

No, not here.

I don't have any plans to put ads on this blog in the foreseeable future. It's not that I don't want money for blogging; believe me, I'd love to make money from blogging! But not here, not on this personal, all-over-the-board, no-one-theme, write-whatever-I-want blog. I don't want to feel beholden to any one audience, any specific topic, or any particular theme, and somehow it seems to me that a lot of paid blogging is just that.

(Unless you're everyone's blogging idol, Pioneer Woman. She is the Queen of Everything and I have a feeling she gets paid for uttering the word "blog." Or maybe even just for breathing. Have I mentioned before that I adore her? Oh yeah, I have.)

Actually, I LIKE the idea of contributing to other blogs and being paid for my themed writing. And lately I've been approached by a few professional bloggers who have asked me to contribute to their professional sites. For a few months now, I've been contributing to's "tuition tales." You can read those entries here.

Yesterday I was asked to contribute to as their "parent of young adults" blogger. I'm still looking into that one, but I have a feeling I'll accept their invitation -- especially because 1.) I have plenty to say on that topic and 2.) their revenue/payment model is interesting and potentially lucrative. (I'd get 100% of the ad revenue made on "my" pages.)

But this l'il down-home blog shall remain in its own friendly, unpaid corner of the blogosphere, chatting up benign, inane, frivolous and otherwise mind-boggling and earth-shattering tidbits for you, my faithful readers.

And I'm not making a dime off you; I just love your company. Y'all come back now, y'hear?

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Jen said...

The whole paid blogging thing continues to be a conundrum... And I agree, to do it "right" there has to be theme, purpose, etc.

Goofball said...

we'll be back here to keep you company :)

Maria said...

I am here reading...and probably always will be. How is that for committment? I'm loyal, what can I say? Oh, and I LOVE Pioneer Woman too. She is amazing, and her recipes are rediculously good. I wish I could marry her!

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