Wednesday, February 20, 2008

An Eclipse in the Seattle Sky

I didn't know anything about a lunar eclipse until Tom called me as he was heading home from work and suggested I go outside and look at it.

I grabbed (er, I mean borrowed) the tripod that came with Kat's new camera and headed outside, sans any source of light or my glasses (which I still need for reading).

Unable to see what I was doing at that point -- and too lazy to head back inside to gather implements -- I just futzed with the camera, moving a bunch of knobs and dials until I came up with this shot. Don't ask me what the setting are, because I have no clue!

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Rositta said...

Waaay better shots, wow, I really need a better camera...congrats on the job...ciao

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a shot.

I just downloaded pictures from today...ewww.

blackcrag said...

Nice shot.

I caught a couple good shots of the eclipse tonight, too.

Goofball said...

very cool picture. The eclipse was here in the middle of the night....I slept.

Karina said...

Great photo...Susan sent me and I'm glad she did...just beautiful!

kim-d said...

Even if you could tell me how you got this shot, I wouldn't understand (duh)! What I do understand is, that is a beautiful shot! And I am glad you shared.

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