Friday, February 08, 2008

Here's Looking (Right) at You!

See how my eyeball is looking straight ahead? Not floating upwards and inwards at all?

It's swollen and red and it feels like I have a few pebbles in my eye. That will last for a week or two, but I can live with it, especially since I'm not working these days, so make-up isn't part of my daily routine. The doctor even removed a small growth that I had under my eye. (The fact that he's biopsying it has me just a tad concerned, but I'm sure it was nothing but one of those -- gulp -- "age spots"!)

This photo was taken about 24 hours after the surgery. I also have a photo that was taken about two hours after surgery, but I'm not so cruel as to show that one to you!

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Blog Antagonist said...

I don't think it looks bad at all! My eye looked similar after Lasik because I had a burst blood vessel.

I'm glad you got such good results!

Rositta said...

And you'll never need glasses again, right? That should more than make up for a little red. Maybe I should do Lasik, I hate my glasses and contacts don't work for me...ciao

Jen said...

This is really amazing, Carol. I'm definitely going to talk to my eye doctor about it. I hope the recovery goes as easily as possible.

Goofball said...

wow looking good 24 hours after surgery! Get better soon. Are you allowed to bend in the first weeks? Or carry heavy weight? Be carefull and take care of yourself! Enjoy the glass-less life

blackcrag said...

I'm glad you're healing well. The surgery went well, I take it. How's your eyesight though?

I'm sure the doctor figured, since he was already there, he might as well remove the growth and spare you a second surgery later.

Keep healing.

christina said...

Oh wow, Carol - I'm so glad everything went all right.

Betsy said...

Hi! Just popped in to catch up after being out of the loop for a while. Hope you've healed up well and that you're back to being as beautiful as ever!

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