Thursday, February 14, 2008

Facebook Love -- and Lack Thereof

Today's word is: "Facebookbreakup"
IPA Pronunciation: /feɪs/bʊk/breɪk/ʌp/
Part of speech: Verb
Definition: To change one's relationship status
within the Facebook web interface, thereby severing a relationship without any in-person interaction. Changing one's own relationship status automatically changes the other person's status as well, thus exposing the often heart-breaking and humiliating break-up for the entire virtual world (or at least your hundreds of shared friends) to see.
Used in a sentence: "I facebookbrokeup with him/her, so we won't be getting together on Valentine's Day." "I can't believe s/he facebookbrokeup with you! What a chicken!"

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Anonymous said...

Facebookbrokeup - good grief!

Maria said...


christina said...

I can't keep up any more. I must be getting old!

blackcrag said...

And this was just days after Facebook hooking up, was it?

Carol said...

Yup... although different kids prompted the different posts!


Jen said...

Too funny. But sick to do it via facebook.

vailian said...

Ah, won't the socialogists in the coming centuries have fun trying to understand these behavior patterns?
I resist joining FB because of the fear of rejection.

Unknown said...

I love my facebook account. I find out about my step-daughter's breakups before she has a chance NOT to tell me about them! LOL

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