Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Boo Bombards the Bed

Boo lives for the weekly changing of the sheets.

No matter where he is, how deep asleep, or even how busy he might be hunting squirrels, bunnies and birds, when he hears the sounds of the rustling of clean sheets, he comes running. His favorite part of the changing of the sheets is the laying down of the fitted sheet. He practically goes bazonkers with glee as the sheet is stretched over the mattress, and when it descends upon him and "locks him in," he is positively giddy with kitty delight.

He revels in his cocoon world until we finally make him come out, but then he knows the next treat is in order: the fluffing of the German down comforters. By this point, Boo is ecstatic. As we shake and puff and fluff, Boo jumps and twists and somersaults among the bedding, exhausting himself and cracking us up.

By the time Boo's done with the changing of the sheets, he finds the fluffiest, cloudiest place to konk out and he's gone for the night -- or at least until a few toes wiggle.

That, however, can NOT be described as fun for any of us, and any toe-attack antics on his part in the middle of the night get him quickly banished from the room!

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Anonymous said...

Our RC loves the fitted sheet game too. No wonder our sheets get worn out so quickly!

blackcrag said...

That is too funny.

Jen said...

He may be strange, but he's awfully cute!

Princess Cat's Pajamas said...

Um, I think I just scared my next door neighbor by cracking up in the dead middle of night! :D

Goofball said...

funny! And cute.

...but since I seem to remember you suffer from allergies as well, I don't think its good for you to have cats on your bed too often. are you allergic to mites? or cats?

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