Sunday, February 10, 2008


A few evenings ago, Tom and I joined Peter and Danelle for a double date at our local sushi restaurant. The really fun thing about this restaurant is that the chefs assemble sushi delicacies right in the middle of the restaurant, and that area is surrounded by a moving conveyor belt onto which they place the various plates of sushi. Once on the belt, the plates of sushi move right past your table on the conveyor and you just reach over and take what you want.

The plates are color-coded indicating the price of the food on them. Sushi on green plates cost $1.00, on orange plates cost $1.50, on blue plates cost $2.00, and on purple plates cost $3.00.

A variation on this theme can be found at a sushi restaurant on Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley called (I think) "Sushi Boat." The idea there is the same, except that instead of plates on a conveyor belt, the sushi is placed in little "boats" that float past the guests' tables. What fun!

At the end of the meal, when everyone is full and satisfied, the plates are simply stacked and tallied. It's fun, it's easy, and it's delicious! What more could you ask?

What's YOUR favorite "themed" restaurant?

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Goofball said...

oh I've been in a similar sushi restaurant in Vancouver in 2004. It was great, I wish we had sushi restaurants like that!

Jen said...

They tried one of those here, but actually, despite the fact that we're in MI, there are a lot of good sushi joints around, and this one didn't make it because the sushi itself wasn't good enough.

I'll have to think about my favorite themed restaurant... said...

Several sushi bars with a sushi train here in Darwin. A low key, good meal for a reasonable amount, and a bit of fun too.
But for themed restaurants, I have enjoyed the Hard Rock Cafe in Kuta, Bali, as a good one. Locally here have a great Asian Restaurant [nonya, Indian and thai food] the Hanuman which is famous Australia wide.....has some really fantastic food and a lot of beautiful Asian art - sculpture, bas relief wood carvings, stone wall frescoes etc. Dinner last Friday night was exceptional [as usual]!!

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