Saturday, February 02, 2008

In Case of Emergency, Call the ICE(Y) Spouse

A few years ago, a little ditty about ways to be safe in an emergency made its way around the Internet.

One of the suggestions on that list was to enter your spouse's name on your cell phone under "ICE" for "in case of emergency," with the explanation that it gives emergency personnel an idea of whom to notify if they need to reach a close family member.

It's a good idea and of course, we implemented it. But we can't help but chuckle every time we see our names in the phones' contact lists, wondering what non-emergency personnel would think, should they find our phones. They probably assume we're just in one long, unending feud or that someone got snooty one day and the other followed suit.

Or that bitchy is as bitchy does.

I can hear it now: "Hey, I found your wife's phone. And dude --your wife sounds like a total bee-atch, man!"

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Jen said...

Ha! Ha! I never thought about it in those terms...

She-She C said...

Wonderful advice Carol! I'm passing it to my family and friends. Your blog is always interesting.

Goofball said...

hihi, I never looked at it this way. you made me laugh!

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