Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super (To-Do) Tuesday and a View from the Kitchen Sink

Today will be a very busy day -- even without Washington taking part in Super Tuesday. (Go Obama!) I do intend to take part in the Washington caucuses on Saturday, though, even with a swollen red eye. I have a bunch of pre-surgery doctor's appointments coming up in the next two days and, as if prepping for the surgery (physically, logistically and emotionally) weren't enough, I also have two big interviews tomorrow. One is for a board position for the childbirth organization I interviewed with in October and one is an all-afternoon interview with a major Seattle game company -- which is all I can say at the moment. Yes, I'm still juggling other balls in the air and I'll be honest with you: my arms are getting really tired! Once all this juggling comes to an end and I've caught a really cool, colorful, dynamic ball (I still refuse to settle for just any ball; I still want the coolest, most exciting, most challenging ball!), I'll debrief you on what has been a long roller-coaster ride and an interesting and challenging process.

But for now, I'll take part in an interesting meme that has been making its way around the blogosphere -- and what makes it most interesting is that there's worldwide participation. It's simple, really: just post a photo of the view from your kitchen window. Here's Lynda's in Cairo, Egypt... and here's the view from the window of "Swenglishexpat," a Swedish-English expat (as the name suggests!), currently living in Germany. And here's this morning's view from our kitchen sink on this gray, cloudy winter day in the Pacific Northwest:

The bin in the corner is one of our recycle bins. In the winter, we place the recycling bins on a table just under the kitchen window so placing things into the recycling is a simple matter of opening the window and dropping the item! So easy! In the summer, we use the table to eat on and we want the deck to look nicer, so during those months we actually have to take a few steps and open a door to dispose of recyclables. The lengths we go to... sheesh!

Winter has definitely taken its toll on our yard. The grass has lost its luster and is pale green at best, and brown in many spots. The deck is full of windblown needles and even big branches that have blown onto it in big Seattle windstorms. It also serves as our winter drink cooler because the temperature in the Pacific Northwest in the winter is perfect for storing pop and pre-opened juices outside!

I can hardly wait for Spring when we can spruce up the deck again, barbecue and eat dinners outside, and start planting flowers in our newly landscaped yard!

So, show us the view from YOUR kitchen window and tell us a little something about your photo!

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Anonymous said...

Wait...where's your palm tree? I can't see it! You are going to keep it up year 'round aren't you?

Carol said...

The (kitsch) lighted palm tree (that Tom insists on keeping, to remind him of Hawaii) is still there, but it can't be seen from the kitchen sink. It can, however, be seen from the street. Do you think we're nuts every time you drive by?!


Jen said...

Best, best, best of luck tomorrow with those interviews! You DO have your hands full this week. I hope everything goes beautifully.

Anonymous said...

I would be so embarrassed for anyone to see the state of my backyard right now, given that we had some pretty wicked winds move through last week, and we're due for more tonight.

I thought I would tell you, however, that you need to send me your address... You were one of my winners for my "Pay It Forward" post! YAY!

Lynda said...

Thanks for putting up a photo from your kitchen windowm - compared to mine it is paradise!

Cheers Lynda

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