Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sights and Sounds: A Yard Metamorphosis

It's not quite finished yet, but I couldn't resist posting a video of our new front yard waterfall so you can hear what it sounds like. Eventually, it will look much more natural, with various sizes of rock beneath it and a creekbed winding its way from the waterfall down the slight hill toward the driveway. I like the sight and sound of the waterfall so much that I've decided that we need to build a small patio area nearby with two wrought iron chairs and a small table (to hold our margaritas) so we can really enjoy the peaceful sights and sounds.

And the backyard... hoo-boy! It got completely torn up this morning and the entire half-acre or so of lawn was decimated and dumped into the forest. It's about time we tore up this lawn. In fact, you could hardly call it lawn anymore; it had really become one big sheet of moss. So the plan is to smooth out the grade, bring in a bunch of top soil, replant a beautiful green lawn, and surround the whole thing with very Pacific Northwest-looking shredded bark interspersed with a few large native-growing ferns. Within a few weeks, this place should look completely transformed. I can hardly wait!

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Bek said...

I can imagine that it's going to look beautiful and relaxing once your project is finished!!

Anonymous said...

Aren't waterfalls wonderful! I have one in my backyard and one in my front yard. Very relaxing to listen to.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing your after photos! The waterfall is great.

I'm working on yard renovation here too, changing a now too shaded vegetable garden into a patio for a table... or that's my plan. I'll post a before photo over at my place.

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