Monday, April 30, 2007

Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty: The Perfect Blend

So after this morning's little self-analysis blogging session, I met Tom for lunch and did some gardening (I know -- meeee... gardening?!) and thought more about what energizes and motivates me. As I was struggling with a particularly stubborn weed, it came to me: Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty is the perfect blend of a for-profit product with a non-profit (activist, even) message. How great would it be to produce something like that, except for teen girls... something hard-hitting and personal, something that encourages youth to take a different look at an issue, something that encourages them to turn around and do something impactful themselves (sort of like FUEL's "response project").

Many companies have non-profit-type initiatives, like Starbucks' Neighborhood Parks program and Ben and Jerry's foundation work, but what makes Dove's campaign different is that they had the guts to infuse the Campaign for Real Beauty their core business plan. It's not just something extra; it's part of how they sell their product. With the media frenzy around "physical perfection" (yes, that is sooo in quotes!), turning the concept of beauty upside-down took real guts -- real corporate GUTS. I'd have loved to have been part of that!

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Dixie said...

It was a stroke of genius to come up with a marketing plan and a business plan that makes women take notice and say "Finally! Finally someone is speaking to me! Noticing me!".

Now if other businesses would just take notice.

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