Thursday, April 19, 2007

Help, Blogging Wizards (and Wizardesses)!

I spent some time exploring a bunch of blogs yesterday and when I came back "home" to mine, I just wanted to torch the thing! Not the content (that is what it is), but the template. Boooooring! And completely devoid of personality.

So I guess this is where I should be technical. But really, are all those beautiful, spunky, well-designed blogs out there created by techies?! What am I not getting?

I want to take this photo (yes, I flipped it... so far, so good -- yes?), put the ladybug on the left top of the gray surface, add some ferns and other NW foliage, and top it off with a really nice font for my name and blog description. Oh, and then I want to do what it takes to replace what I have with the new graphic, columns and all, and have it work seamlessly.

Am I asking too much? Should I be able to do this myself or is this something for a professional? (Can you suggest anyone?) And if I can't do this, should I really be working in media at all?!

This hopeful little project of mine is really very badly timed and no good at all for the self-esteem!

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blackcrag said...

This is completely possible for you to do (I think). You are used to computers, etc.

The templates use html. You design your page based on html. My html source is

This will get you started at least.

Carol said...

Thanks Black! You're right -- it's about time I learned this stuff! I will study it today. Thanks for the nudge.


Dixie said...

I had to hire someone to do a Blogger based template for mine. I don't know jack about it.

I need to hire someone else to do another for me because I'm getting tired of my look.

vailian said...

You know how they say in real estate: "Location--Location--Location"? It is the same with blogs: "Content Content Content".
My advice: don't waste your time fiddling with the html. Completely beside the point. You can adopt one of the other pre-existing templates if you want, the upside-down ladybug is fine.

The only reason for doing a new template would be for learning web mechanics, and I don't know if that should be a priority for you.

blackcrag said...

I've been meaning to learn it myself, which is why I found this site. As you can see, I haven't got on with it myself, as my blog hasn't changed in over a year.

I'm begining to think it's time, though.

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