Saturday, April 14, 2007

Peter's Tattoo

He's 20; we couldn't stop him.

And ya know, as tattoos go, this ain't half bad. I guess...

Peter's Bavarian Omi is either turning in her proverbial grave or giving him a cosmic high-five...

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Anonymous said...

Well, yes it's a nice looking tattoo, although he won't be looking at it himself as it's right in the middle of his back!... But a good thing is that he can easily hide it with a shirt when he wants to.

My nephew has giant skulls with snakes coming through the eyes tattooed on his upper arms!
A 20 yr old I know has a tattoo of a rat chasing its tail around her ankle. For the rest of her life a rat not quite reaching to bite the end of its tail. Gad.

The mythic lion on your son's back looks downright noble next to their tattoos.

Haddock said...

I'm not a big fan of tattoos but this one looks pretty good. Looks like the Scottish lion from the herald emblems :)

vailian said...

when do we get to see YOUR tattoo?

blackcrag said...

This particular tattoo is very well done.

The trouble is, once you have one, you always want another, or so I hear.

I'm voting for Omi's cosmic high five.

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