Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Mean People Suck!

Kat's day wasn't going well to begin with. She had three big tests today and was feeling overwhelmed and under-rested. After school, she was looking forward to driving home to relax for a few hours before work, but found this waiting for her.

She called me at work and I headed home. That girl needed a hug -- and fast! The cop came to our house right away, filed a report and gave us his sympathies. With all our kids driving now and the cost of insuring all these cars, we obviously opted for the minimum coverage on the kids' cars. I spent the day questioning that decision as I got estimates for replacing the window. Suffice it to say that the car is worth less than the cost of replacing the window.

This week just isn't going well.

Addendum: Tom just came home with roses for his grrrrls (Kat and me), both of whom have had a rough coupla' days. What a nice hubby/daddy, eh?!

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vailian said...

How maddening! Our lodger Max had the back window of his convertible slashed, and replacing meant replacing the whole top-- yes, costing about as much as the car is worth.
Hope your next week goes stunningly, let me know if there is something we can do to help. In sympathy, I have been wearing my Seattle sweaters.

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