Saturday, April 07, 2007

"Asian Flush"

It's a strange and mysterious affliction -- and I have no idea where it gets its name -- that happens to me when I drink alcohol... any alcohol. Within about a minute of drinking my first sip, my face turns beet red and I look pretty wasted, though I (usually) feel fine. I can feel my face get hot as it gets redder and redder and I'm well aware that, if I'm with people who aren't aware of my condition, I have some explaining to do. "I'm not embarrassed, really. It's just that I have this condition..." Which, in itself, is pretty embarrassing and blush-worthy... muddling everything.

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Anonymous said...

wikipedia has a great explanation of what Asian Flush is and how it got that name. :)

jen said...

I have the same reaction! i never knew why and did a LOT of research to see if it was perhaps linked to the type of alcohol.

good info to know!

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