Thursday, April 12, 2007

Crap Comes in Threes

This happened to Kat's car last week, in front of the high school.

This happened to Aleks' car this evening, in front of our house. (Yes, the cops think there's a connection... though both Aleks and Kat insist that they know of no one who'd do this...)

And tomorrow morning I have a meeting with both my bosses, one in California and one in Seattle, to discuss the future -- or lack thereof -- of my position. No, not due to incompetence (I hope). Once I hired the (fabulous) staff of eleven, it became obvious that just about all the responsibilities this position was supposed to have fell into others' domain. I'm hoping there will just be a restructuring of sorts, with me doing some California based work remotely in addition to what I'm doing now. But I need to be prepared for a lay-off.

Yes, I do feel duped.

It really hasn't been a grand week.

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Anonymous said...

Unbelievable (about the possible layoff). They've got to see what a great job you've been doing and how enthusiastic you are about the mission to better education... Best of luck with this.

vailian said...

We will be thinking of you. Let me know how it turns out. said...

Seems as if you have managed to work yourself out of a position, rather than making YOURSELF indispensible. Which can be interpreted as "doing a good job" by many. Crap does happen......hopefully not in the usual threes!

Betsy said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear this! Good luck at your meetings. ((hugs))!

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