Monday, April 02, 2007

Life is Unpredictable

So is death.

Tom met his still-best friend when he was three. That family was like his own, and when we married they became part of our family as well. Not only did Tom and his best childhood friend stay very close during the past 48 years, but his friend's younger brother and his wife, being fellow Pacific Northwesterners, have been our best friends since we moved here 15 years ago. The "boys" dad hasn't been well for the past few years, but he had been well cared for by their mom... Tom's second mom and a dear friend to all. She was the picture of health -- especially for an almost-80-year-old. She ate well, was bright and young at heart, was active, and on Saturday she had even gone to the gym.

On Sunday morning she didn't wake up.

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Anonymous said...

It's sad for them that she's gone so suddenly and yet- isn't that the perfect way to go?

Dixie said...

I'm so sorry she's gone. I know she must have had such a full life and was well loved by all.

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