Saturday, April 14, 2007

Loose Ends

I packed up my office today. That was hard.

Yesterday I was more hurt and shocked than angry. Today I'm angry. I can't get into details, here or anywhere else, but suffice it to say that I feel duped. The most important thing I have in my career is my integrity and my reputation and now I feel that I've been put in a position in which I need to defend both.

My only choice is to move on. I don't want to become a bitter, angry person, so I need to focus on the future and its possibilities rather than the past and its injustices. At midnight tonight I'll try to stop being pissed and tomorrow I'll find some way to word a letter to my business network to explain why I'm looking for another job. I don't even know how to begin to go about that.

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Anonymous said...

You have a great attitude but I think it's okay to let the anger play out for a little while longer, not too long, but long enough to work it out. You have reason to be angry so be angry I say.

I hope that this lay-off situation snuck up on your bosses and that they weren't really just low-down dirty lying scum-sucking users! (See, you can't say things like that but I can. :o) ) What would be particularly rotten is if they knew this was going to happen when they brought you onto the team and didn't let you know.

The company where I used to work had to settle with a lot of my coworkers over the years because they were terminated unfairly. Lots of gag orders over the years went with those settlements. What an effective way to silence people from spreading the word about the company or to prevent former workers from uniting and maybe doing something about the company's abuses.

I'm sure that your buoyant spirit will carry you soon to something else that's wonderful!

blackcrag said...

You should be angry. You were hired to do a job, and because you did it well you have been tossed out on the street!

I don't think any company should get away with gagging ex-employees. it smacls of cover-ups. If thye are conducting their business honestly and ethically, what do they have to hide?

jen said...

I'm so sorry. I was laid off once too. It sucks with a capital S. It does feel like being betrayed.

However, i believe there are reasons behind stuff and i have met only one person who was truley worse off because of a lay off and he was just plain crazy.

Thoughts are with you.

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