Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Snow Kidding!

I don't know why we thought winter was on its way out. How silly of us optimistic Seattle-ites!

When I woke up at 5:15 this morning, it was COLD. I turned on the news and was greeted by that now-familiar Seattle "IT'S SNOWING!" panic. I swear, when there's any snow at all and not much news, the result is what can only be perceived as sheer panic. The skeptic in me figured I could ignore all the hype and head to work -- which I did. And it was good. I got to work in driving rain, but encountered no snow or ice -- and no reason to panic.

Until Kat texted me: "2 inches of snow! I came home." HUH? Looking out my office window, I saw typical gray Seattle skies and rain, but nothing unusual. Still, I know what the Seattle freeways look like at rush hour when we all have to deal with ice or snow, so I packed up and headed home. (Fortunately, all my work can be done from anywhere since all our applications are web-based.) I'm the only one on staff who lives "out in the boonies," so I was shooed home by my co-workers. Sure enough, as I got closer to home, the roads got slicker and whiter, and by the time I drove into the driveway I was grateful for Kat's text message!

And I got at least as much work done at home as I would have in the office -- where I tend to spend my day "extinguishing fires" anyway.

Now can we PLEASE be finished with winter already and have ourselves a little springtime?!

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christina said...

No way! But my mother told me they were expecting snow in Vancouver too. Crazy weather.

Dixie said...

I'm glad you got home safe and sound. Now let's hope spring comes to you soon! said...

snow or rain .......a few places in northern Australia have had around 500mm [ 40 inches or so]of rain this past week, and it is still raining. At least snow you can ski on!

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