Sunday, February 11, 2007

Mold Mystery

Remember this? And this? Well, take a look at this.

For months on and off but especially lately, I have been debilitated with sneezing, congestion, watery eyes (and a puffed-up face), coughing and fatigue... but only while at home. Last night it was so bad that I couldn't continue with my normal activities and had to go to bed, laying completely still, eyes closed (and watering... some of it being from frustration and confusion!), my breathing very labored and my chest hurting.

My on-and-off "allergies" have been a mystery for months around here and, although we noticed that they're worse when Tom's demo-ing a room like the bathroom, we hadn't made the connection to mold allergies until late last night when I could hardly move -- or breathe -- without total exhaustion and pain. Coincidentally (or not), yesterday was when Tom removed all the wallboard from the bathroom and carried it through the house to the garbage bins outside.

So now what? Should I just go to work even more, staying away from the home that is likely making me sick? That's hardly possible and certainly not an option. Will this get better, now that the old wallboard is gone and new, fresh wallboard is being installed? Or is the problem actually throughout the house?

I'm gonna spend the day at Costco and other stores, looking for new bathroom accessories, while I ponder the question...

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Anonymous said...

Oy! How have you carried on with such energy at work when you can't rest at home? I hope now that the latest renovation is done that the dust will settle and you feel better. It's not fair when your house isn't your place of rest and recuperation!

christina said...

Oooh, poor you. I react the same way to mold, plaster dust and such. My health has really gone down hill since I moved here. We found a lot of mold behind the old kitchen cabinets and treated it with some stuff that make me wheeze even more, but it seems to have been taken care of now an the carpenters said all new kitchen cabinets are built to let the air circulate behind them.

Hope all the construction gets finished soon so you can breathe again! I know how awful that can be.

blackcrag said...

My top four allergens are mould, dust, animal hair--specifically dog hair (cat hair stopped bothering me, it seems), and pollen.

My allergies have kicked in since I came to Ottawa and I am busy finding which is causing them.

Rositta said...

Oh wow, you can't give up those lovely pets, especially the dog. He's precious. Maybe an air cleaner on the furnace would help? Anything to keep those animals...ciao

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