Thursday, February 01, 2007

Growl and Roar!

To my children (yes, you... especially you two 17-year-olds):

This is the amount of towels you go through in a week. You know how I ask that you use a towel and then hang it up again? You know how you don't... and it ends up in your room, on your floor for a week (or more)? Well, THIS is one week's worth of that miserable, expensive, time-consuming cycle. And this just might be the last you see of all these nice, clean, dry towels for a while... because if I hide all but maybe four of them, you'll have to be resourceful and figure out a way to have a towel available for your showers... something like... oh -- hanging them up again after using them!!

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1 comment:

vailian said...

I sympathise very much. I did exactly what you are proposing (just hid all but a tiny number of towels) and it worked: the towels did accumulate in the boys' rooms but they knew they had to take one with them when they wanted to take a shower; the alternative being to have to wander naked and dripping wet through our unheated hallways.

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