Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Son the Romantic?!

Aleks is definitely passionate -- about politics and world governments, about languages and cultures, about academics and social commentary. But about love?! This is new!

Aleks and Dani have been going out for a few months now. Dani's adorable and we love having her around. Like Danelle (Peter's girlfriend), she lights up any room and has a sweet, joyful spirit. When Aleks told us last week that he was planning to make a romantic Valentines Dinner for Dani, we were thrilled... but also a bit dubious. Aleks has never cooked more than Mac and Cheese in his life -- and now he's gonna attempt Pad Thai?! This MUST be love!

This afternoon, as I was deep into some new frustrations at work (the honeymoon's over?!), my office phone rang numerous times. "Mom, how do I cook the chicken?" Five minutes later: "Mom, how can I tell when it's done?" Ten minutes later: "Mom, where's the wok?" Shortly thereafter: "Mom, do we have a white tablecloth?" And ten minutes after that: "You and Dad should go out for dinner and not get home till about 9:00."

Hmmmm... alrighty then!

When Tom and I got home from said romantic dinner, we found rose pedals and candles strewn about the dining room table (along with two long-stemmed roses and a box of chocolates), the lights dimmed, and our best china stacked neatly on the kitchen counter.

My son the romantic, INDEED!

Apparently dinner was a huge hit and Aleks is quite the cook. Either that, or love has overtaken Dani's tastebuds. But with a father and brother who are quite excellent cooks, it seems that Aleks has his own natural-born culinary talent!

I think I'll ask him to cook dinner for us on Friday.

Note found in kitchen, written in Kat's (Aleks' twin sister) handwriting:

"Aleks: To Do
In dining room:
-Clear table. Ask Mom where we have a white tablecloth and good dishes.
-Sprinkle rose pedals on table (mostly in middle), to surround tea lights (in secretary as last resort... there are some on my bookshelf that you may borrow) and red candles from World Market. (Note: Kat helped Aleks shop yesterday afternoon -- apparently for groceries and romantic accessories!)
-Tie the balloon so that it is hanging (floating?) from her chair.
-Light candles.
-Dim lights

-Either set the other rose on her plate or give it to her when you greet her at the door.

-It might be fun to make dinner together. (?!)

-Dessert. Ice cream. Don't forget it.

-If dinner is a disaster, order Chinese or pizza. This can be cute, too.

(At this point there's a drawing of the proposed table, labeled "bird's eyes view." "You" and "Dani" are labeled close together on one far side of the table. On the other far side are the words "Don't sit here!")

Some things to keep in mind:
-Barry White may be a good idea.

And below that, another drawing of a place-setting, with the following labels, appropriately placed:
"A note from you. Write her something!

Wine glass (water is fine)

OK, so this DEFINITELY goes in that bin that's filled with kids' artwork from kindergarten, book reports from 5th grade, and cute things kids said throughout the years!

My kids just never cease to crack me UP!

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vailian said...

A couple of days ago, my mobile phone rang. "hi Dad, its lionel, this is VERY important: where are you?" "in Greece" "Oh... I need to know RIGHT NOW how to make the cheesecake you always make" "sorry, I don't knowthe recipe off by heart" "Damn... I have invited some people round tomorrow.."
Nice to know one is still needed as a parent from time to time.

christina said...

Barry White! I love it. That is SO cute.

blackcrag said...

I admire the teamwork of the twins. Though I wouldn't say it was Aleks who was the romantic, but Kat. He was following her instructions, after all.

I've noticed there has been a shift in the kitchen duties over the last couple generations. My mother's generation were, well, not barefoot and pregnant, but definitely in the kitchen, cooking the meals--unless it involoved the barbeque.

In my generation, the men cook far more often than the women, and, indeed, I know some women who just can't cook at all.

I find this interesting.

Dixie said...

I cannot get over how adorable this all is. Adorable!

Anonymous said...

In my generation, the men cook far more often than the women, and, indeed, I know some women who just can't cook at all.

Oh, I don't find that to be true at all. I would agree that men cook a lot more often than they did in past generations, but more often than women? Not in my experience.

And the story about Kat and Aleks is just adorable. I think it's so great that she helped him out in his hour of need! :)


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