Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I'm All A'Twitter!

I'm in awe of MetroDad. He is truly one of the greatest, funniest, most perceptive and talented bloggers in cyberspace -- not to mention hilariously funny and a fabulous writer -- and I am an avid reader of his blog about his life as a Korean American in New York City with Peanut, his adorable 2-year-old daughter and BossLady, his obviously loving, smart and extremely patient and tolerant wife. (I mentioned patient, right?)

A cyber-crush? Nah... but definitely cyber-admiration! And guess what? (:::Insert giggly scream and flailing armlet motions here:::::) MetroDad commented on my blog!! He oh-my-god kinda sorta TALKED to me! I'm not kidding! His font touched my (oooooh!) comment square!

I'll just revel in this for a bit, okay?

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blackcrag said...

Hey! What
s this? I've been pushing your comment button for months now, and I nver got this kind of recognition! lol

Dixie said...

Oh I get what you're saying. I get all excited when you leave a comment by me.

I'm not even sorta kidding about that.

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