Friday, February 02, 2007

I Found a Lump

...back in December, while in Hawaii. It seemed to have appeared overnight and to be honest, it scared me. Of course, my first inclination was to see a doctor immediately upon returning, but with the holidays and the snow days, it was January before I had a chance to get to it. And then I started a crazy work schedule... and my new insurance wouldn't kick in until February first... and I didn't want to dive into a deductible for insurance I'd never use (Tom's, under which I was covered between Microsoft and this new job)... and...

And I came up with just about every excuse not to make an appointment. Until I did. Because one can't very well work in health education and advocacy and not advocate for one's own health. So my appointment was this morning and I'm relived to say that the lump was (is!) a huge fluid-filled cyst. Or rather, yet another fluid-filled cyst. Seems I'm prone to them. (How many of you now know more about me than you ever cared to know?!) But with Mom's history and death from ovarian cancer -- which is linked to breast cancer -- I'm hyper-vigilant.

The doctor was surprised that the cyst was so large and we both decided that there's no reason to have it aspirated because it will eventually disappear -- only to be replaced, I'm sure, by another. (Plus, my bra size would apparently shrink substantially if I were to have the dang thing drained!)

So... carry on! :-)

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vailian said...

Good for you. I am presently still agitating for a smoke-free cafeteria in the Opera. My dad died from lung cancer, and it seems to me to be quite stupid to force us to have to share a tiny cafeteria with all the smokers (the Opera has a staff of over 500 and many of them smoke; the size of the canteen is about 8'x25').

blackcrag said...

We are so far into the TMI zone here... but I'm glad to hear it is nothing harmful.

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