Monday, February 05, 2007

This is the "Before" Picture

Tom is rebuilding our master bathroom literally from the ground up. (Sorry -- you'll have to turn your monitor; this picture looks just fine till I upload it to my blog! Grrrr!) He's basically re-built our entire house and this is just the latest project. He's slow, but he's GOOD and I'm usually willing to wait for the beautiful results of his work (see below). But this project has been hard because it's right in the middle of our refuge and our home-universe, our bedroom.

This bathroom's just one of many projects Tom's done in the house. He also re-built the other bathrooms, tiling floors and walls, as well as the showers. And he built these beautiful fireplaces and also re-floored the entire house with hardwood and tile (carpet: never again!).

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vailian said...

Geewhiz, when he is finished there I could sure use him here!! Some years ago I bought John a sledge hammer for christmas and invited him to reduce to rubble the wall between the kitchen and the hall. Needless to say, that happened in a heartbeat, but the collateral damage has not been repaired to this day.

blackcrag said...

I like hardwood floors, but they are very cold. I always have cold feet (even when wearing socks) because the wood doesn't retain the heat like carpet does.

Berlinbound said...

Tom is quite handy !

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