Monday, February 19, 2007

Instant Tears

I was innocently relaxing on the couch, immersed in some catch-up work and absent-mindedly listening to shuffle mode on my iPOD, when Mozart's Serenade for Winds started playing. Within a nano-second, completely out of the blue, I was sobbing. No doubt, my sudden emotions came this memory from Mom's memorial:

Interesting, isn't it, that I didn't cry when this played at the memorial, but every single time I've heard it since them, I instantly become a blubbering idiot.

Sometimes I just really miss Mom and I love this tribute that my brothers made for her. I think it honors her beautifully. What a spirit she had!

Let's hope this beautiful music doesn't start playing in some strange elevator somewhere or on the Safeway piped-in music station...

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