Saturday, February 17, 2007

Looking for a Reason to have Kids?

OK, it's more of a fringe benefit. But pretty cool, nonetheless!

The first kid-made gift I ever got was the macaroni pencil holder that Elisabeth made for me in preschool. About 18 years later she made me the most amazing hat box (not that I ever wear hats, but that's not the point) with my life collaged all over it. That one made me weep with joy!

(I got her back with the scrapbook I made her when she graduated from Cal last May.)

The big dark blue pitcher is from Peter's year in high school ceramics, a class that I also benefited from when Laura, our German exchange student (whom we all miss hugely!) made me the beautiful aqua pitcher and the teapot. And rumor has it that I'll also benefit from Kat's current enrollment in that class... :-)

Kat made shot glasses for everyone in the family (including the German exchange student, Eva, for whom I'm a liaison) for Christmas with sand "borrowed" from various Hawaiian beaches during our vacation there last December.

It might be a close comparison, but I'd venture to say that these handmade gifts even make up for the multitude of broken glasses and china caused by same said kids!

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