Thursday, March 01, 2007

GIFT it Forward

The day before yesterday, Kat was at Target with a friend buying a birthday present for Peter when she noticed two men standing at the curb carrying a cardboard sign which read "FREE (almost) $5 BILL." Intrigued, Kat and Joe approached the men, asking them what the deal was. (Kat noticed that the men never approached people; instead, they always waited until they were approached.) Turns out they were offering $5 for a promise to "do something nice for someone in the near future." That's all! End of story.

Kat and Joe promised to uphold their end of the deal and all the guys asked was that they be notified via e-mail (at a address!) what good deed was done.

We have no idea whether this was an official research project or just bored two guys looking for something to do on a Tuesday afternoon. But the whole thing has definitely evoked a good deal of thought. Kat and Joe are wondering what good deed they'll do.

I think just that thought process in itself is a good deed!

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