Monday, March 26, 2007

My New Guilty Pleasure

I rarely watch TV. And when I do, it's rarely a reality show. But I must admit, Dancing with the Stars has me a bit hooked. The dancing is SO good! And unlike the judges on American Idol (not that I've watched it for more than three agonizing minutes), the judges on Dancing with the Stars really seem to want to give realistic and helpful critiques.

Call me a cradle robber, but Anton Apolo Ohno is adorable. As is his wonderful 18-year-old dancing partner -- what a couple!

And speaking of old (I know what you were thinking!), Leeza Gibbons, another dancer this season, and I are the same age! Wow -- she either has a great surgeon, make-up artist AND personal trainer OR she has perfect genes. I'm betting it's the former (because it makes me feel better, of course).

Yes, in fact I AM shallow tonight! Hey, I'm entitled aren't I?

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