Thursday, March 29, 2007

Feelin' the Love!

Look what Kat made for Elisabeth and me! The teapot is for Elisabeth, reminiscent of one of the girls' favorite childhood songs. Kat made it red because that's Elisabeth's "kitchen color." SWEET!

The tealight candle holder is for my office. Notice the etching of the Seattle skyline? That's the Space Needle, the Pacific Science Center arches and the downtown skyscapers! It's apparently an early Mother's Day present.

I just love kid-made gifts!

And this book is what my big brother Michael bequethed upon me when I visited the Bay Area a few weeks ago. It's my childhood in pictures. And this is my "mean" (OK, not really!) big brother who just considered me a pesky little sister when we were growing up.

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1 comment:

blackcrag said...

I thought you said you weren't beautiful? A couple months back, you posted about how beautiful your mother was, and how beautiful your daughters are, but how it some how skipped you...

The pic of you in that bikini gives the lie to that, right there.

Your daughter Kat is also talented. The gifts are very cute.

But, since we're talking about beauty, how is it Kat is so dark and dusky skinned? She looks Italian, not German. Where does that come from?

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